Popular automated functions

Avantage - Automation of voice communications

Automation of voice communications

Avantage - Text automation (SMS)

Text automation (SMS)

Avantage -  Sending a massive email or social media campaign

Sending a massive email or social media campaign

Avantage -  Communication over speakers and most IP devices

Communication over speakers and most IP devices

Avantage -  Communication on news feeds and internet pages

Communication on news feeds and internet pages

Avantage - Forced notification sending on mobile apps and computers

Forced notification sending on mobile apps and computers

Automated solutions

SOMUM Communication
Express, Professional, Expert
Icône - SOMUM Communication

SOMUM Communication offers the most advanced automation for your communications ! This solution is ideal for providing advanced communication management and exceptional service to your customers and employees. Contacting as many people as possible in the shortest possible time has never been easier.

Professional, Expert
Icône - SOMUM Map

This complementary management tool allows cartographic selection, in order to choose a geographical perimeter. The operator can then easily send a targeted message to this selection. SOMUM Map in the Expert version also allows information layer overlays, vehicle tracking integration and more.

SOMUM Web Site
Icône - SOMUM Web Site

Take your business to the next level and rely on the skills of a team of talented webmaster. We create more than websites, we immerse users in an immersive experience with a whole new interactive approach. SOMUM joins forces with Lithium Marketing to offer you a complete platform where everything is accessible to you with a single click.

SOMUM Scenario
Icône - SOMUM Scenario

SOMUM Scenario is a user-friendly product created to facilitate its use and requires very little technical skills. It allows you to include all the information you want, links to websites, real-time IP surveillance cameras, maps and more. All important information is visible at a glance.

SOMUM Prevention
Professional, Expert
Icône - SOMUM Prevention

SOMUM Prevention is the solution used for the “Pair Program” and “CARE Program” which are used to contact thousands of people at risk on a daily basis. Thanks to a daily call, a person at risk or living alone knows that they are not forgotten or that someone will intervene if they do not confirm their call daily.

SOMUM Library
Icône - SOMUM Library

A library of documents available in just a few clicks. For a work plan, project management or document management of emergency measures plans, SOMUM Library is a suitable and powerful tool, which facilitates access and distribution of relevant documents.

SOMUM Mobilization
Icône - SOMUM  Mobilization

SOMUM Mobilization allows you to start a broadcast with a desired number of confirmations while respecting your business rules.

Icône - SOMUM Chat

SOMUM Chat allows users to quickly search a contact to send a custom text message.

SOMUM Portal
Icône - SOMUM Portal

SOMUM allows subscribers to update their data through a secure portal, making it easy to change contact details and language preferences. Integrable on the client's website, the portal offers personalized management of notifications, with confirmation via call, email or SMS, ensuring automatic updating and mobile access.

SOMUM Calendar
Icône - SOMUM Calendar

SOMUM Calendar is a versatile tool for managing employee work schedules enhanced with automated communications.

Some clients


''Whenever we had to contact SOMUM customer service, there was always someone to answer. It shows us that service is a priority.''

Richard Amnotte, Assistant Director, Fire Safety Department, Ville de Lévis.

'' The issue was resolved to my satisfaction and with the excellent cooperation of Amine. ''

Claude Pigeon, Civil security advisor, Civil security office, Ville de Québec.

'' I wanted to take the time to thank Alexandra for the training session she gave to my colleagues. They have given me great feedback and have told me they feel ready to do broadcasts if needed. Thank you very much, and I'm looking forward to working with you again. ''

Fannie Leclerc, Responsible for recreation, cultural and community engagement, Municipality of Saint-Adolphe-d'Howard.

Canada Leaf
Since 1986, SOMUM is the Canadian leader in software packages for the communications automation industry.