Today our new logo is born. Although we were attached to the old logo, the time had come to change our identity.

This was no small feat, as our old logo had iconic value, both to our employees, to members of our community and to our customers.

When it first appeared in 1986, our previous logos were in sync with our history. To us, the mountains represented the summit, the SOMUM. The best and most complete product on the market. Most companies renew their logo and visual identity over the years. Everything changes : the times, the tastes and the needs of companies. Despite its charm and everything it stood for, our logo no longer lived up to our expectations.

We, therefore, called on SOMUM specialists from several disciplines to form a working group dedicated to redesigning the logo. We also called on Éric Langlois, one of our partners at the design company Lithium Marketing, to channel our efforts.

From the start, the idea of ​​making radical changes was ruled out. It was important to keep some key elements and that the logo remain recognizable. This is why we have favoured an approach that is more evolutionary than radical.

The change of our logo is one more step in order to be at the SOMUM of technological innovation.