Working in the automated communication business for over 30 years has made SOMUM the Canadian leader in the software industry. SOMUM provides high quality applications which ease the workload of its customers. Our automated communications tool (which allows us to reach a maximum number of people efficiently in a minimum of time) and our range of versatile software offer multiple possibilities. Our solutions can support business managers in carrying out their mandates.

At SOMUM, security is an extremely important issue. This is why we always keep our infrastructures on the cutting edge of technology. We have built our reputation on the reliability of our equipment and solutions. Even today, it is the challenge of innovation that motivates SOMUM to refine and expand its product line. Being supported by an experienced development team, we are well-equipped to keep developing and meet the various specific needs of our customers. SOMUM is constantly evolving to meet market needs efficiently. The company relies on quality to establish its reputation: quality of staff, quality of products and quality of services offered.

SOMUM’s number one goal is to provide the best service to our customers. Our staff is available at all times to help you.

Our commitment has always been to provide our customers with solutions that meet the highest criteria in the field.