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Besoin - Making appointment

Making appointment

Besoin - Appointments reminder

Appointments reminder

Besoin - Staff replacement

Staff replacement

Besoin - Vaccination invitation

Vaccination invitation

Besoin - Medication reminder

Medication reminder

Besoin - Monitoring people at risk

Monitoring people at risk

Besoin - Mobilization of emergency personnel

Mobilization of emergency personnel

Our solutions
Text messages(SMS)
Social media
and web site
Automated notification on
mobile application
  • Schedule appointments according to the available time slots
  • Confirmation or cancellation of appointments
  • Emergency communication and management
  • Reminders: taking medication, appointments, tasks, and others
  • Call distribution to find replacement staff, according to your criteria
  • Communication of emergency measures directives: containment, fire, evacuation
  • Contact emergency teams, mobilize staff in case of alarm
  • Emergency alerts and communications
  • Automated monitoring of patients, residents, elderly or people at risk
  • Automated surveys
  • Detailed reports of all communications
  • Easy management and data centralization
  • Improved relationship with patients (customer service)
  • Better management of health measures (COVID-19)
  • Quick return on investment
  • Team optimization
  • Automation of repetitive tasks
  • Fast execution of many tasks
  • Employee performance enhancement
  • Reduced risk of errors

The main technical issues in the field of Health:

  • Obsolete management and/or data system.
  • Difficulty keeping procedural documents up to date.
  • The challenge is related to the budget for the change of these systems.
  • List of employees in a format that is not optimal.
  • Stress for administrative officers and workers.
  • High risk of errors for agents.
  • Difficulty reaching the population to offer your service.
  • Not enough employees to transmit the results following the screening tests.

Other issues:

  • Large territory to cover.
  • Diversity of clientele (very comfortable or very little with technology).
  • Lack of manpower.
  • Employee replacement to be done regularly.
  • Large number of different specialties.


  • Visual interface allowing:
    • To create personalized messages.
    • To press an interactive key in order to quickly transmit a code or a message.
    • Follow the evolution of your communications.
  • Schedule management interface:
    • It allows you to consult the schedule for a specific specialist according to the access you give him.
    • Allow your employees to easily exchange their schedules while ensuring that it remains up to date.
    • The slot flashes when it has no specialist or patient assigned.
  • Automated notifications of positive or negative COVID-19 results are sent.
  • Invitation to vaccination.
  • Automated replacement of your employees or for the opening of overtime.
    • Pre-programming your company’s business rules. (By SMS or call.)
  • Automated appointment offer (offers time slots automatically by SMS or call).
  • Sending notification for the cancellation of your appointments.
  • Quickly notify your teams in the event of:
    • Building closure
    • Change of process
    • Epidemic
    • Danger (fire, shooter, storm)


Workforce management:

  • Unification of call schedule processes.
  • Simplification of the on-call schedule update.
  • Simplification of the sharing of on-call schedules.
  • Unification of the directory of your employees.
  • Unification of information related to your employees:
    • Contact information
    • Right to practise, training, legal documents
    • Authorized activities according to establishments and sectors
    • Duty schedule
    • Holidays
  • Facilitate the sharing of contact details in your teams or with your partners and customers.
  • Management of access to data or functions via a single location.

Management of procedural documents:

  • Easy access.
  • Ease of maintaining documents.
  • One single location for all employees.
  • Easier to share with teams (transmission of a fixed link to download the latest published version).

Service offer and vaccination:

  • Increases your targets and response rate.
  • Detailed statistics on the intention of the target audience towards the service offered.
  • An increase in the number of people benefiting from the service offered.