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Besoin - Making appointment

Making appointment

Besoin - Appointments reminder

Appointments reminder

Besoin - Staff replacement

Staff replacement

Besoin - Vaccination invitation

Vaccination invitation

Besoin - Medication reminder

Medication reminder

Besoin - Monitoring people at risk

Monitoring people at risk

Besoin - Mobilization of emergency personnel

Mobilization of emergency personnel

Our solutions
Text messages(SMS)
Social media
and web site
Automated notification on
mobile application
  • Schedule appointments according to the available time slots
  • Confirmation or cancellation of appointments
  • Emergency communication and management
  • Reminders: taking medication, appointments, tasks, and others
  • Call distribution to find replacement staff, according to your criteria
  • Communication of emergency measures directives: containment, fire, evacuation
  • Contact emergency teams, mobilize staff in case of alarm
  • Emergency alerts and communications
  • Automated monitoring of patients, residents, elderly or people at risk
  • Automated surveys
  • Detailed reports of all communications
  • Easy management and data centralization
  • Improved relationship with patients (customer service)
  • Better management of health measures (COVID-19)
  • Quick return on investment
  • Team optimization
  • Automation of repetitive tasks
  • Fast execution of many tasks
  • Employee performance enhancement
  • Reduced risk of errors

SOMUM Communication is a simple tool for managing and broadcasting communications, including emergency measures. Thanks to its multiple features, it is possible to assign several contact details to the same contact and classify contacts according to their preferences. Broadcast can be made by respecting several criteria, including:

  • Broadcast schedule
  • Pre-established priority
  • Callback option
  • Interactions with respondent

SOMUM improves and automates most steps in communications. SOMUM automatizes mass communications and increases their efficiency. Here are some uses of SOMUM’s Solutions:

  • Address
  • Post office
  • Seniority
  • Availability
  • Areas of interests
  • And way more!